Competitive sociable bridge for all online

The Number 1 place to compete with other non-experts, run by the most experienced directing team!

GAMES at 10am 2pm & 8PM UK time ON BBO (click here for other time zones)

16 boards, UNDOs allowed, multi-lingual world class club directors at every game.

2 hours play for $2.00 BBO

Meet new friends or practice with our robots or perhaps play with a host. Never miss out. PLUS every game earns reward points for games and other treats.

Our rules are simple. Be friendly, Be polite to each other. Call the director if you have a concern. We direct with a light touch and always consult with the team. Play more – play online!


Remember to register for these great rewards:

  • Results email to your inbox every time you play
  • Opportunities to invite family and friends to learn with you (or us) at FREE MINI BRIDGE games on RealBridge
  • FREE WINNERS circle games monthly
  • FREE WEEKLY TEAM GAMES for our community regulars on REALBRIDGE
  • Deal of the week
  • Tip of the week
  • FREE special interest social game invitations
  • Discounts to events on the iBEX SPECIALS calendar
  • Build up your performance portfolio


Competitive & Social players will enjoy , so login to BridgeBaseOnline, orient to COMPETITIVE, click ALL TOURNAMENTS and SEARCH:


THEN register with your partner or sign up to the Partnership Desk. Games open 2 hours before game time so there’s plenty of time to register – you might need to buy BBO dollars Do feel free to invite anyone in the Partnership Desk to pair up or let the host ibex_1 know you are happy to pair up randomly or play with a robot.

It’s simple. It’s skillful.

Just look for IBEx_1 host profile photo. Our umbrella blends the uniqueness of players into a colourful bridge community.

Give it a go – you have nothing to lose – find new friends and keep playing the game we love online as well as live! Play whenever you want – whether the game is big or small your performance portfolio grows.
These games are brought to you by International Bridge Excellence Ltd.
Visit our website at to meet the team and find out more about our products and services
If you would like help orienting yourself around BBO there are some helpful videos here


COMPETITIVE SOCIABLE DAILY ONLINE GAMES with the iBEx team – helping players build their performance portfolio

Join us morning, evening or night on BBO.Or register for a RealBridge teams game.

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