IBEx Terms of Service

We want to manage your expectations well and therefore we ask you to accept our limitations as well as benefit from our strengths. In order to do this we understand you need to know what each comprises, so we ask you to read the long (or the short) of our terms & conditions before you engage with us. In return we will show you respect, professionalism and do our very best to make your experience in doing business with us safe and enjoyable.
Definitions“We” “us” “our”refers to the team of bridge self-employed professional Directors who have joined to form a company called International Bridge Excellence Ltd (iBEx)Our trading address is 62 Lynmouth Ave Chelmsford Essex CM2 0TR, UK. Our email contact is ibexbridge@gmail.com and is the best place to start if you need help – we can communicate with you in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin.“Bridge” refers to the competitive aspect of the card game bridge. We here define bridge as neither a social nor a gambling game, nor as a phsyical sport but rather a combination of luck, chance and mindset, knowledge played by individuals who have a desire to desmonstrate their these mind skills competitively. “Organiser” refers to the person/organistation  with whom we have entered a formal or informal agreement to stage a bridge activity online. “Client” refers to any subcriber who has made a purchase on the bridgeextra.com site – either as a registered user, or via a link created for an event or organisation. “platform(s)” refers to the online products and services which we use to assist our service provision. “fees” for clarity  this document refers to monies paid to platforms or adminstration or TDs (Tournament Directors), and may be transacted in USD, EUROs or UK pounds GBP “Table money” refers to the individual charge levied to an individual (also player) in order to participate in a game/tournament/event/ session once the table money. Sometimes it will be quoted as a Pair – 2 individuals or a team – 4 individuals(also table)rate. This charge can be anything from 0.00 upwards and may be transacted in EUROs, USD (also BBO dollars), or UK pounds(GBP) “subscriptions” refers to charges prepaid for a number of sessions which be recurring or onetime. “invoices” refer to a collation of accumulated fees due from a client to us “statements” refer to the summary of incoming and outgoing table money and fees and may be issued to clients on a monthly or ad-hoc basis as determined by the SERVICE AGREEMENT.Here is where we explain all the terms used in the long of our t&cs. Refer back to this list if something is unclear
  1. Our Job
We are here to provide our clients with simple exceptional bridge events online. We take care of any and everything to do with the administration, organisation and staging of bridge events. Our expertise lies in bridge tournament organisation and we have adapted to the current playing environment using our amateur IT skills.We provide all the aspects of bridge events for organisers who want any easy life to give their players an enjoyable safe experience playing online. BUT we are not experts in IT, so we work with existing services that we know, trust and like.
  1. Delivery
We sell only online products and services via this website at this time so please assume delivery refers to the supply following payment in the form of an access link and/or joining instuctions to a bridge game or tournament(s), or downloadable material.Please refer to the product description for delivery details  which will be immediately or at a later date.All our products are delivered online by link and/or receipt – immediately, or just before an event
  1. Returns
If you purchase but do not use a payment before the time expires, we will offer an alternative game/session/product in the first instance, or we may issue a refund on request, less any handling charges incurred. To request a refund please forward your payment receipt with an explanation to us. Please be aware that if you have started a session but did not to complete it, we cannot not issue a refund. This in no way affects your legal rights.Non attendance will not automatically trigger a refund, so please do ask and tell us why you were a no show.
  1. Conditions of Use
We are providers of a service to a community of like minded individuals. We respect your privacy, personal complexities and varying levels of bridge and technology competence. We act in good faith at all times, complying with the rules of our service providers, and the nuances of your local bridge communities. We ask you to do the same and we do not take kindly to abuse or misuse of our time, good faith or chosen providers. We will refer instances of breach to our client in the first instance but repeated, or deliberately mis-representing us, our services, or sharing cient data to sell, bully or co-erce others may result in our terminating our relationship with you and your organiser.We reserve the right to refuse to sell you services if you do not act in good faith and respect others at all times.
  1. Privacy disclaimers
We will do our utmost to maintain your privacy and comply with laws as we understand them. However please be aware that we are all working with imperfect information in new areas of video, audio communication – so we expect you to be responsible for taking due care to ensure your privacy is upheld across all your devices. DO NOT SHARE information and know that we will only ever ask you for personal information to use to help you access your game.Make sure your own device settings are secure – and turn off/ logout/ close/refresh often!
  1. Contact us
If you have any concerns or queries we are readily contactable. We are very careful to only use your personal contact details to assist, and only after you have initiated contact cannot so we have to trust that you will ask for help before buying.Please be aware when you contact us that we are humans, not robots. We have good days and busy days, so do bear with us if we seem unhelpful, or too chatty. We are all really approachable and knowledgable but just like you we are home at the moment, so please give yourself and us the time to build rapport.We won’t call you – so do please contact us. We are happy to help and no question is too stupid, but we can help you better if you work with us!
  1. Data collection
We do not claim to know all the things that happen behind the scenes in web browsers, nor can we be responsible for the platforms we use who have their own data & privacy policies we must all adhere to. We hold any information you give us  only to provide you with the services you have purchased, or because your club/organiser has requested you provide it. We use trusted providers and will never share, sell or swap your details for marketing  purposes. We are independent and as such do not supply any data about your online activities with any bridge organisation unless your organiser requests it so, and in this will notified in the conditions of contest before you enter.We do our best to gather from you only the information we need to do our job and won’t be bullied into giving your data away unnecessarily.
  1. Pricing and playing descriptions
All terms will be explained prior to purchase in description or formal or informal Service Agreeements. If you have any questions or queries please ask. Please be aware that we may advise at the time of event planning but thereafter often act as an agent only, and as such have no authority to vary the pricing structure for bridge in any way.Please do not ask us discounts!
  1. Product descriptions
We do our best to be accurate. But there is a balance between information overload, advertising, and usually there are lot of contacts and factors to co-ordinate. We also work across many advertising platforms with organisers, so please be aware  that where descriptions vary we will revert to the client for clarification, and may edit/change descriptions wihout notice.Check event/club  websites for details & read your emails – do not assume things cannot change.
  1. External Links
We have included some links to make it easier for your benefit. We have no control over the content of these pages and do not monitor their activity. We cannot advise about such pages, nor can we accept responsibility for any third party materials, products or services so please make sure you understand them before you engage in any such transactions.Only ask for help, about our products and services! All external links are only there to help you navigate more easily.
  1. Intellectual Property and Copyright
Some of our knowledge experience we consider to be our own intellectual property. We will tell you what that is and when we do, we ask you to respect the thousands or hours that has gone into bulding our knowledge and experience ad not sell, share, or distribute such material with gaining the express permision of the author. We are very keen to share our knowledge, but may ask you to credit the author, or reserve the right to seek contact details in order to update the information in future.Photographs on this site come from a variety of sources – Google search web cquired photos were typically FREE, and/or are creditted. Photos owned by us. Nothing is copyrighted and you ae welcome to use any of our photos. If you ask us we will tell you which are ours to distribute.Don’t steal our stuff and don’t misquote us. Talk to us and we will probably happily share.