At IBEx we operate daily with a number of the popular scoring tools.

We recommend our own branded electronic bridge scorer called IBEScore to safely, confidently score bridge game play.

Why do we recommend it over other brands?

  • ANYONE CAN USE IT – SERIOUSLY! Any player with a smart phone can very quickly understand how to use. PLUS we can set up the game remotely if there is no bridge director available to do it for a bridge session.
  • NO extensive outlay or training required
  • Every bridge game can be scored – be it a get-together at home for eight bridge players or a multi-section session duplicate.
  • ESTABLISHED TECHNOLOGY that is UPDATED regularly. The electronic bridge scorer has been available as a smart phone app for more than ten years. Now we are proud to have joined with the developer to promote it for use worldwide.

  • NO EXTRA EQUIPMENT is required. After purchase of a unique access setup code, the bridge scoring software is downloaded as a FREE app for players to use.

IBESCORE replaces any scoring equipment in use already, but can be readily integrated with existing websites and masterpoint submission programmes.

As well as the benefit that players no longer have to share devices to enter or view results, the scorer can access all the Director Scoring tools from their own device – at the venue or remotely. In addition, our own large support team is only a phone call away – we will help make sure every game runs smoothly, every time.

Should you have a need to use other products we have experts available for consultation on customising bridge movements, importing/exporting BBOextractor information and interaction with Bridgemates for many of the software products on the market , including Magic Contest, EBUScore, all the Jeff Smith’s Scorer suite (PS,I,SP,ST) and Scorebridge.

We are experienced trainers – please contact us to learn more about our training resources for your people.