Bridge Game organisation for clubs

IBEx helps bridge clubs play online or live

All our bridge organising tools are useful for bridge play sessions at the club or online. 

Bridge club games can be linked. That means bridge players will play the same cards at the club or playing online. Whatever the future of our bridge game will look like for certain players at your club can play bridge at home, or in holiday while staying with the club.

At IBEx we setup and manage online games for clients – the games can be private or open to all. We can direct and collect table if you want us to.

We are experts at ONLINE BRIDGE DIRECTING & PRIVATE GAME HOSTING for duplicate pairs, teams-of-4, teams-of-8, swiss teams, swiss pairs games on BridgeBaseOnline(BBO) or RealBridge for 2+ tables. 

TABLE MONEY COLLECTION – Players can continue to pay their table money by credit card or bank transfer and view their transactions in a virtual wallet. The service creates a payment page for players to pay an amount remotely (cc or bank transfer) which sits in a virtual wallet to be deducted from their account each time they play. Players are sent an email reminder when they need to top up their wallet and there is a weblink on the club site to get started. Members who wish to pay for their guests can instruct it so. 

TABLE MONEY ADMINISTRATION – For 15 months we have been looking after the bookkeeping side of club administration, paying the providers eg UMS and platform/scorer activity. Table money rates could be set once, or varied by game. And players could pay from the same wallet for games at different clubs. Activity reports  and returns were made to the club bank account monthly.

This service operated seamlessly for players online, and can be transferred to face-to-face, providing a cash free club, and reducing the workload of the director.

Credit control is an additional service we offer with a focus on putting the experts at such in control of the task, designed to reduce the administration workload.

GAME BOOKING SYSTEM – A playing programme & calendar is helpful for many reasons. Our system is simple to use and allows players to book with a partner, or let others know their availability to play. It helps the organiser know how many will be attending and give relevant information about a game. Players can check what they have pre-entered for at any time, and register for game reminders, session updates and joining instructions.

LIVE RANKINGS – for sessions played online & face to face. If a club wishes to run sessions simultaneously this service would allow players online and in the club to view their ranking updates each round as a merged field.

AFTER GAME RESULTS – this is a comprehensive display system where a club has its own area for members in any division to review and track their performances over time. There is a weekly/monthly leaderboard – it’s a virtual club noticeboard. There is a feature for teachers to add commentaries, and players to ask questions.

We have noticed familiarity and confidence with technology for reviewing and replaying deals, checking results and following progress during games online. The smartphone app is the latest technology system electronic bridge scoring and replaces table cards and paper travellers. The App is free for players and operates from a cloud server giving a low cost solution that means any game can be set up and run from any smart device removing the need for a laptop, printer or display screen. The game output can be uploaded to the national association for masterpoint processing. Deals can be added as a file, or manually if hand dealing. Support links  go direct to our team – available to help with in-session scoring & movement queries and simultaneous online/f2f integration & rankings, director consultations, player table money queries etc.

So that’s CASH-LESS, PAPER-FREE, INFORMATION-RICH bridge to bring your players forward to the club!

We have strong relationships with carefully chosen providers and strive to pass on the benefits and skills knowledge from these relationships to our clients.

Our business model works best when we take care of the online technology expenses – so fees as standard are based on that. We aim to be transparent and will be happy to negotiate a fair arrangement based on specific requirements.