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Our online bridge providers

The first & ultimate place to learn & compete

BBO is a truly awesome platform for all things bridge online. We look forward to keeping competitive games thriving. And watching lots of vugraph matches here in the future. The team have been tirelessly helpful throughout 2020 and 2021.

Competition the way we know and love it!

Since September 2020, the bridge playing IT professionals from REALBRIDGE have been supplying us with an exceptional product, and service. Nothing is too much trouble for this small, hard working team.

Behind the scenes...

Banking made easy

For 15 months we have counted Revolut - the new and online only bank to keep our monies in orderly reporting. Easy to use and great customer service too!

Managing our payments with aplomb

Oh my how grateful we are to Stripe for their continued service provision online - refunds are easy. Challenges and queries are simplified. Reporting is super easy.

Simply superb

As our skills with WordPress have grown so have the options available to us, fantastic training tools.

And a big shout out to the technology that is so great it has become a verb...


Bringing our team together as one as we've worked at home in six countries for directing consultations and staying sane.

Training & Meetings

Zoom has simplified communicating with our players. We have supported many teachers using this powerful platform.

It's great to Google!