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Bridge Directors who guarantee world class services locally.

A Bridge Director is the person who facilitates and coordinates the smooth progression of play and applies the laws of the game in a competitive bridge game. The Bridge Director can participate in the game or act as a referee overseeing from the sidelines.  Another word for Bridge Director is Tournament Director (TD) and he or she will either be a volunteer or a professional hired on a permanent, regular or one-off basis.

A good director has learned the laws and has a network of contacts made up of players of varying standards and other directors (TDs) with whom to consult on matters of law and logistics. Bridge is an unregulated game. Some national authorities claim dominance over organised play, but there is a much wider community of players who meet regularly to play bridge in private competitive games in most corners of the globe.

No matter how small the game of bridge event that is taking place, if it is well run there is an excellent, hard working bridge director somewhere in the vicinty.

At IBEx we serve clients who provide outstanding competitive bridge games for players and demand the best quality and excellent value for money. Our clients are always supported to ensure every game runs smoothly. We operate a 24 hour support team, and our directors have each been involved in all aspects of bridge organisation, directing and training for more than 20 years. We speak, English, French, Italian, Portuguese & some Spanish and Mandarin.

The Bridge Director’s bar for organisation performance has been raised since 2020 – let us be your support to keep the standards high – online and in venue.


ONLINE BRIDGE DIRECTING & PRIVATE GAME HOSTING for duplicate pairs, teams-of-4, teams-of-8, swiss teams, swiss pairs games on BridgeBase or RealBridge for 2+ tables.



We manage table money, bookings, partnership desk virtually and getting to the game instructions.

Or let us train to use our tools for yourself.


Struggling to find directors who are friendly, know the laws and can handle movements and scoring?

Let us take away that headache. Whether you are looking for a team to manage your Congress, or ways to manage a duplicate without a director we can help.


Every competitive bridge game requires a mean to determine a winner. Our bridge directors educate, virtually suppport all types of competitive bridge tournament play online or at a venue.



The WBF Laws of Bridge keep the game fair for all players.

The IBEx team are experienced trainers who will come to your venue or teach via Zoom. 

All aspects of running bridge games online or at a venue and scoring from duplicates to multi event simultaneously can be covered in a simple practical way that will give your people confidence and support to run enjoyable smooth games every time.

Contact us today to start strengthening your bridge director network.

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