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Every time you play bridge in a game hosted or directed by an IBEx TD you will be able to add your results to your personal playing portfolio.

Simply complete the form below, send it to us and you have taken the first step to improving your game!

Then play bridge as you do now, knowing that you are part of a community of like minded players who play bridge as a pastime for personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

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You can play bridge better!

Online or live, track your performance for FREE when you play bridge with us or your own club.

Technically, we really only need to know where your bridge games are played in order to keep your portfolio accurate so step 2 is to make sure we know where you play your bridge. 

It's FREE to get started to build resources to improve your game every time you play bridge.

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Play Bridge - it's a great way to improve!

There is no charge to register to the IBEx community. And we have a bunch of resources to help you understand more about your game now and set your focus on how to add discipline, awareness and confidence to your game.

Have you ever explored how you play bridge? 

No? Why not make time to chat to one of our bridge coaches – that’s step 3 to changing your bridge playing performance  -getting to the heart of it all!

You truly are your best resource!

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