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At IBEx we specialise in running great games for players online and live. And providing the tools organisers need to make all the logistics that make a competitive bridge game run smoothly.

In the course of our playing, directing and organising careers we have met some wonderful bridge teachers – we know these teachers well, either personally or by recommendation from their students and we are proud to point you in their direction to learn for two reasons. They teach a style we know is played by ten of thousands of players and we know they have adapted their lessons to incorporate the technology most players have become more familiar with in recent times.

We want you to learn bridge the way we see it played every day online – then you can always find games online with partners who play just like you!

1-to-1 & small group lessons

Gad Chadha, London

A familiar face to players living in the London and Essex region of the UK, Gad is a friendly face who plays teaches and coaches online and live. Gad enjoys running sessions for learners using Zoom so no-one need miss out on great tips for success!

Why not try book a 1st trial game with Gad but he has extremely limited availability so you might want to just get started! – First have a read of a nice deal he recalls, then click here to visit Gad’s booking and rates page.

Anytime,anywhere - it's time to learn bridge!