When you want to improve your bridge performance, get ready to invest in yourself. At IBEx we want you to succeed. There are no limits to what you can achieve when you set your mind on success.

We know nearly everyone, so there is a definitely a professional teacher or coach out there who will unlock your potential. At IBEx we put the technology at your fingertips to find the right person for your game, and monitor and share your performance with your coach.

The first step might simply be to look around – why not book a session with one of our DAILY hosts and then have a chat. Certainly be sure to register so you can start tracking your performance over time.

HOSTS – Meet our online directors who make themselves available to potential learners and newcomers to online play

BRIDGE TEACHERS – Learn bridge one-to-one, with a supervised group on REALBRIDGE or BBO bridge lessons

PROFESSIONALS – We will help you find the individual to make your bridge dreams come true! If you would like us to facilitate the contact and financials please contact one an IBEx host in the first instance.