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Count on us to make your game organisation straight forward for all involved. We take the hassle out of the behind the scenes activities that will ensure a smooth running tournament.

These are some of our services;

Organise bridge Bridge Congresses or special events with a variety of services.

  • Dedicated event page
  • Events online hosting & setup
  • Entry taking
  • Table money collection
  • Joining instructions
  • Paying suppliers
  • Venue or provider liaison
  • Directing with a consultation team approach
  • Client & organisation liaison
  • Dedicated event manager

A more comprehensive list of task involved to organise bridge is available here

Our operational teams organise bridge games in four different markets across the globe, and have been watching players achieve podium finishes and prizes for more than 100 years combined

With tremendous experience, we lead teams across a large network of contacts to consistently deliver successful and enjoyable events for bridge sponsors and organisers.

Since early 2020 our versatility has brought tournaments online as our services have expanded and grown. Been away from the venue version of the game has not stopped the successful operation of our bridge mission to provide enjoyable games, nor our clients’ ambitions to grow their resources. 

Here are just a few complete package service events:

Full management events

Client focused on promotion, IBEx took care of the rest.

Virtual Killarney 2020, a joint venture with Diarmuid Reddan, Ireland – self hosted in 2021

Strathpeffer Highland Congress 2021 – rebooked for 2022

3 days of duplicate and teams bridge play on BBO, SBU masterpointed 

North Wales Spring Congress 2021

27th Shropshire Congress, May 2021 – rebooked for 2022 online – 2 days of EBU green pointed bridge play

Cheltenham Virtual Congress, May 2021 – rebooked for 2022 online 3 – 2 days of EBU green or blue pointed bridge play

Surrey Green Pointed Weekend 2021 – 2 days of EBU green pointed bridge play

Metropolitan Cup 2020 on BBO – 8 teams-of 8 in 3 divisions day tournament

Mosaic, London UK 2020 & 2021 – single session Charity fund raiser

Click here for more information about some of the events and feedback received

Aspects of events

Many of our clients come to us to organise bridge for only one or two aspects of an event. Clients are encouraged to select from our range of services to complement their own provisions and fill resource gaps.

Some organisers prefer a more hands on approach so we’ll provide support as needed. Here are some examples:

West of England Swiss Teams 2020

Midland Counties Swiss Teams 2021 & Congress 2021 & 2022

Part management bridge events

Jewish Care Charity Days – directing only in 2020 & 2021

Surrey Green Pointed Weekend 2020 – 2 days of EBU green pointed bridge play on BBO – directing only

WBU Internationals – Directing only assorted in 2021-2022

SBU Congresses and Day long events – Directing only in 2021 and 2022

Golf & Bridge Days at a venue – Equipment supply, directing, results