TIME ZONES CONVERTER for COMPETITIVE ONLINE BRIDGE GAMES – helping players build their performance portfolio

The barriers to playing bridge with a partner from another country have been thrown into chaos during the past eighteen months. Online bridge makes it wonderfully easy to play with a partner in a competitive duplicate, set up a team match between nations, or meet for a casual video chat and play with friends.

We are also noticing a growing trend for bridge players to enter tournaments hosted in another country. No need to pack a suitcase, or book a flight and hotel.  Now you can simply check out the tournaments being played online anywhere in the world at websites like BRIDGESCANNER, click on to the brochure link to follow the instructions and get registered!

Remember most games give the playing times in their local time, and BBO will always show bridge game times in your time zone, so we suggest if you are going to play in a country not home to either player, contact the tournament host after you register and use this time zone converter to arrange a time with the three of you to log in to BBO and check. If you do this well in advance of the tournament day you cannot miss out! 

TIME ZONES CONVERTERS are a simple way to be prepared and ensure you have a chance to succeed on the day at your bridge game!