Getting out of one’s own way to get ahead is just one of the tools bridge coach Nicole recommends as a great way to progress your bridge game.

Committed to doing the right thing in bridge and life, Nicole has a professional approach and remains doggedly loyal through thick and thin. If you have a bridge dream, Nicole is qualified to help you turn it into a step by step set of goals to take you where you want to go.

Bridge lessons are the first step.

Playing bridge to practice and consolidate perfects.

Bridge coaching helps you aspire and achieve.

When you could use a spare pair of hands, a shoulder for support and a bit of tough love to cut through the nonsense and give you a push in the right direction, then hiring a bridge coach might be the right next step for your game.

Give it a go! For a free no obligation chat and to play a few hands please click on a date, select a time slot, fill in the details and submit your game request. Nicole has varied availability, but you should find a morning, afternoon or evening slot to play.

Bridge Coach Nicole

Your pre-booking will only be confirmed when we contact you by reply to send joining instructions and confirm our availability at the time you have chosen.

In such games we will play to create your portfolio, but we may only play against robots to make up the game.   

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