More Instructions for Playing a BBO tournament

Before the game begins:  If you have any problems logging in or registering for a Tournament please contact the tournament host ie ibex_1 We may not be online until 30 minutes before the game starts – but we will see your message when we login so do leave a brief clear message and your phone number if you would like us to call to assist.

After play begins:

  • If your connection is lost during play, your spot is reserved – and the TD may put in a temporary sub while you try to re-connect. To re-connect, re-establish your connection and login again. Any problems re-connecting contact ibex_1. Other players at the table can contact the director via the “Call Director” function (click on the blue box with 3 white hamburger lines on your screen)
  • Any problems re-connecting contact ibex_1. Other players at the table may need to tell the TD if you cannot (using the “Director Call Button”, located on the top left or your table – three white lines in a blue box on most devices).
  • Occasionally a “System Delay” can occur, e.g. the screen can freeze for a time or a connection is dropped. This cannot be avoided, so please be patient and do not send a message to your opponents to “Hurry Up” – as this is poor etiquette. If a System Delay causes the Hand to “Time Out” it will be handled by the TD (see next bullet).
  • Each round will have a fixed number of minutes assigned to each board. This will show as eg Round: 1 of 9 Clock: 16 minutes. This means there are 8 minutes assigned for each of two boards to be played. Please do your best to keep to 7 or 8 minutes (the TD will tell you, or you can see in the registration details) because with less minutes remaining on the clock the system will automatically delete the final board of a round and not let you play it. 
  • In the event of a “timed out” board for any reason, including slow play:
    • The score is initially set to an average, then system assigned if possible to do so, or reviewed by the TD; normally within the next four hands.
    • Please review the scores allocated for your table (you can see the scores by selecting the “History” tab on the right of your screen).
    • If you have any reason to dispute the scores allocated, you should contact the TD (using the “TD Call Button”) – please do this asap. Inform the TD with a short message, e.g. “Hand nn Scoring Incorrect” is normally sufficient, but you can add additional text, but please keep it short. The TD will then review the hand and make adjustments as necessary.
    • The responsibility to raise a dispute lies with the players. It is important that these are raised during or immediately after the time of the competition, as adjustments cannot be applied after the scores have been published.
    • Some games allow players to request an UNDO – if you misclick or misplay the only way for an UNDO action to happen is YOU must locate the UNDO request button (the same blue box with three white lines as for calling the TD holds the request prompt). We recommend all players turn on the CONFIRM BID/CARDS settings in their profiles – if you ask for UNDO twice during a session the TDs will insist.
  • Please be aware that in almost all games host have a zero tolerance for cheating. The TD policy we adopt is to remove the players from games pending investigation by the event organisers. We run clean games and if you suspect players are acting with more information than it is possible for them to have gained in the legal auction, or from the play of the cards, please report it to the Director (as a private message if you prefer, but please remember to state the board, username and Event you are playing in).
  • Most games record the table history and private chat while rounds are in play. Please be aware to moderate your language and tone online to maintain a behaviour that is friendly and polite to everyone. We understand competitiveness, and expect players to apologise immediately it is drawn to their attention someone has taken offense.
  • Online there are many reason for slow responses – rarely is it anything to worry about. That said, if you find nothing happening for a while – you may be the cause. To test this send a message in chat. If it does not appear in your chat box log off and back on. If your username is YELLOW – assume it is your turn to do something.
  • Online players to alert their own conventional calls – this is called to self-alert. To do this please type an explanation in the little box that appears as you make a call. If you want to know what Please AVOID asking/telling by typing to the table.
  • CHAT: During a game you can talk to your partner between rounds only. You can talk to the opponents at any time
  • KIBITZERS: Sometimes games allow kibitzers and rarely kibitzers are permitted to chat to players. If kibitzers are permitted, they will be able to click to join a table once a game has started
  • SUBSTITUTES(Subs): If players get disconnected and do not return within a minute or so, the TD will try to fill that gap with a random substitute so that play can continue to finish a round. Typically the system you can expect to play SAYC – a BBO standard card – which is Strong NT and 5 card majors with a fill-in partner. The Director will try to find a suitable standard substitute, but the pool of available players willing to substitute varies greatly depending on the time of day. Sometimes the Director will sit a robot or pair of robots into empty seats if no suitable substitutes are available – robots play 2 over 1 style and never worry when they are at the table as they are quick, always explain all their bids and never complain!
  • PARTNERSHIP DESK: AT every session there is a virtual desk where you can sign up for a partner. Please notify the host that you are in the partnership desk looking for a partner. ONLY use the partnership desk if you do not have a pre-arranged partner for the game.
  • ROBOT partners. If you do not have a partner you can buy a robot to play with – 25c is the going rate for a robot at the moment. Please be aware that if you accidentally buy a robot because you inadvertently misclicked you must de-register and re-register with your actual partner – the system does not allow a TD to substitute a purchased robot with a real player.
  • CANCELLING REGISTRATION for BBO tournament: If you enter and later wish to remove your partnership entry for any reason, simply click on your registration and click on the CANCEL Registration option you will see. NB Once a game has started no cancellation is possible.
  • BBO $ games: Where a player pays table money on BBO the money is collected at game start from the players registered at start time. So yes if you are a sub you play for FREE, but no you do not get a refund if you start, but do not finish the game for any reason (unless the game cancels for all before completion).
  • Click here for a selection of helpful videos demonstrating BBO can-dos

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